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Gain clarity and insight into your child's sensory sensitive behaviors and how you can support them through their toughest sensory meltdowns in order to become more comfortable with daily tasks.

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Do you feel like no one gets it? Your friends, family, medical professionals… no one seems to "get" how grueling even the simplest of tasks like wearing clothes, taking a bite of pasta or washing hair can be.

I do! I've been there. I'm still there, with you. Your kid might have sensory sensitivities that makes grooming activities, loud sounds, messy play, eating or wearing clothes extremely difficult. 

Desperate for Answers?

Will my child ever be able to wear socks? Why does it take us an hour just to take a couple bites of pasta? Why does he melt down every time we use the blender? How can I get my child through a day without a meltdown?

I have the answers for you. 

Ready for Change?

You've resorted to bribery and punishment just to get your kid to wear socks, try new food, wash their hair, but it's still a huge battle. You're sick of the fights and huge meltdowns, you're ready to break the cycle and start working with your child instead of against them, but you don't know how.

I've got you. Let me show you how.


I’m Laura! I’m a pediatric Occupational Therapist, a wife and mother to a preschooler with Anxiety and Sensory Processing Disorder. After years of direct sensory integration clinic work with children ages 3-12, I now focus on giving parents the education, information and tools to be able to support their children at home. 

I'm your new mom-bestie who gets it.

I mean… I GET IT. I get the struggle. But I also know all the science and nerdy facts about sensory development that can help you make informed decisions about how to raise your sensory sensitive child. 

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The hardest part about raising a child with sensory sensitivities is the isolation. The playdates you miss because you can't get out of the house with your melting down toddler, or the family parties you skip because you don't want to have to explain why your child can't eat the turkey. Join the Facebook group full of parents who get the struggle and are here for all your wins and vent sessions.

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Consult with me 1:1

Are you a parent dying for more information, knowledge and education on sensory processing or other developmental skills?

Want to ask an OT directly about those burning questions you've got that's making you down google rabbit holes? Schedule a call with me today.


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Add clothes to your child's closet

Do you have a child who has a limited wardrobe due to clothing sensitivities? Purchase the ebook that's helped dozens of parents go from stressed to dressed.


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Sensory Sensitivity Checklist

Not even totally sure if your child is sensory sensitive? Download this free checklist to see if there's a pattern to your child's behavior, AND learn my top 3 ways to support your child if they do have sensory sensitivities.

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Get Regulated with Heavy Work

Have you heard about the magic of heavy work and how it can be regulating for children with sensory sensitivities, sensory seeking behaviors and even emotional regulation challenges? Watch the 17 minute webinar and get a bonus companion heavy work guidebook that takes all the guess work out!

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Survive the Meltdowns

If you have a child with SPD or anxiety, you're no stranger to meltdowns. Not-your-average tantrum, these bad boys are taxing to both our kids and us as caregivers. Use my free guide to find out how you can support your child before, during and between meltdowns. 

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