From Stressed To Dressed & 1:1 Guided Support

Introduce your child to new clothes in a simple, step by step way that won't overwhelm them, or you.

What you'll get:

  • 40+ page PDF with short chapters and actionable steps
  • worksheets to help plan your goals, keep track of data, generate activity ideas and journal your thought process
  • Printable tokens to DIY the rating scales part of the program
  • 45 minute 1:1 zoom call to discuss your child's clothing sensitivities and to help guide you through the Home Program

🌟A $157 value for $95 (40% savings) 

🌟Limited spots (15) available

🔥You get access to the Home Program PDF forever, but you must redeem the 1:1 call before February 28th 2023, no exceptions and no refunds granted if you miss the sign up deadline.


Welcome parents, caregivers, and creators of tiny humans! I hope that you find this step-by-step home program helpful and easy to implement at home. You're here because you're fed up, exhausted, and just overall done with the daily clothing battles. You want to be able to have your child get dressed and out the door, on time, and dare I say it... without tears! This is doable. You can get there, but it does take work.



You, your child, your child's OT, and any other hands on caregivers in your child's life are the dream team. This guidebook will supplement OT treatment and your home sensory diet that you may already have in place. Using this program means that you've tried bribery, you've tried cutting the tags, turning clothes inside out, buying sensory friendly brand clothes, and are still experiencing daily clothing battles.


This program does not discriminate between diagnoses. Your child may have Sensory Processing Disorder, they may have Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ADHD. Your child may not have a diagnosis at all, but you still find yourself at your wits end not understanding why on Earth they can tell the difference between the blue sock and the white sock. In any of these cases, the steps of this program remain the same.


I've had success using this supplemental home program with clients as young as 4, and as old as 12. Having said that, there is no standard age (after all, this isn't an evidenced based program).


You might find yourself toggling between one or two steps. You might find yourself making progress for weeks and then set back another week. This is OK, and totally normal. We are not robots! We have setbacks; our kids get sick, school routines change (global pandemics occur!), and those kind of unexpected changes can exacerbate sensory sensitivities in children.


Please go into this home program knowing that this is a marathon, not a sprint. There is no "quick fix" for sensory processing challenges. My biggest tip for you, that I have told all of my clients' parents when working through big sensory sensitivities is to CELEBRATE THE WINS! There is no such thing as a "small win" here. Everything is a win. Your child tried on a new pair of socks but then threw it across the room 2 seconds later? WOW what a win! Yesterday they wouldn't even entertain the idea of putting socks on! WINNING. This is the mindset that you need to embody throughout this program. It will make a world of a difference.







What other parents think about working with me:

Working with Laura was so empowering. She gave really great suggestions I hadn’t thought of and helped me feel Heard and supported in what can feel like an isolating journey. After my call with Laura, I created some social stories, implemented some new emotional regulation tools with my son and built up our “heavy work” toolbox (and learned to keep it simple!!) and we are seeing improvement! It was really nice to speak with a professional who GETS IT and doesn’t make you feel like you have to defend your choices or over explain your experiences. Even after our call she made herself available for a follow up question I had which I really appreciated!


I scheduled a call with Laura to discuss my 3.5yr old + her frequent meltdowns. While not sensory related, they do impact our daily life quite a lot. Laura was able to give me some more tools in dealing with my daughter during + after her meltdowns that I’ve begun implementing + hope will help with consistent use. Laura was so sweet + informative + I’m so glad I reached out to her!


$95.00 USD

I am a parent who wants to learn more about sensory processing or other childhood development. I understand this call is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to give me direct therapeutic guidance or strategies for my child.

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