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I understand that this mini course is educational only; it does not substitute occupational therapy assessment or intervention and does not qualify as a diagnosis for my child. 



Sensory Is Behavior: Mini Course for Parents

All behavior is communication… so what is your child's behavior communicating? Are they communicating a sensory need, or some other need? Let's figure it out together!

All videos are under 10 minutes long for up to 2.5 hours of content.

*At this time, I don't have closed captioning available on my videos, but I do include all the transcript notes written and typed out below each video*

In this mini course for parents, you'll learn

  • Why we need to reframe the debate "is it sensory or is it behavior?"
  • What sensory processing is
  • The 3 main sensory profiles
  • How the vestibular, proprioception, interception and tactile systems work.
  • Potential sensory triggers and non-sensory triggers related to common behaviors, such as: hitting, refusing to get dressed, transition challenges, constant touching of objects, hyperactivity/movement, classroom behaviors
  • Brief examples of how to support a child with sensory needs.
  • Brief examples of how to support a child with non-sensory needs
  • When it's time to seek OT 
  • How to go about getting OT support
  • How to support your child before meltdowns, during meltdowns, after meltdowns and between meltdowns

This course focuses on educating the "why" behind common behaviors and *general* ways to think about how to support children based on their needs, it does not provide specific strategies or sensory activities to do for each child. 

*All parents, teachers, therapists, OTs are welcome to take this course, but please know the language and examples are geared towards parents, and no CEUs/PDUs are available.