Your child is communicating a need. 

Your job is to decipher what that need is. I'm here to help.


Sensory Is Behavior Mini Course For Parents

The quick and easy course that will translate your child's behaviors into what they might really be communicating, so you can actually support them the way they need you to. 



Do you know a child who does any of the following...




πŸ‘‰πŸΌ hits other people or themselves often

πŸ‘‰πŸΌhas huge behaviors when it's time to get dressed for school

πŸ‘‰πŸΌavoids, gets upset, delays bedtime or bath time routines

πŸ‘‰πŸΌnever seems to listen or follow through with instructions

πŸ‘‰πŸΌis a huge risk taker and has unsafe behaviors

πŸ‘‰πŸΌalways gets in trouble at school




Do you ever find yourself asking "is this sensory or is it behavior?"

If you said yes to both of those, then this course is for you.

What you really want to know is... Is my child doing this on purpose?


πŸ”₯What we SHOULD be asking is, is this child doing X behavior because they are filling a sensory need, OR is it some other need they have? 



A child may behave in a certain way because they're avoiding sensory input, or seeking more of it. 


Another child may exhibit that same behavior, but they behave this way because they  are lacking a certain developmental skill or connection.


It's important for parents and teachers and therapists to have a clear understanding of the underlying reason for each behavior because it allows their response to the behaviors to be more intentional and effective.


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The Sensory Is Behavior Mini Course for Parents will teach you how to look at behaviors through an OT lens.


"I really thought all the content and info in the video was fantastic. Detailed, but easy to understand."- D.


It's designed with parents in mind, but any person working with or raising children would benefit. 


I'll walk you through my thought process when trying to dissect a child's behavior. 


I'll draw links between the most subtle sensory triggers (some of them are hidden!) and how they can directly impact behavior and learning.


I'll share how you can start supporting your child through sensory behaviors and non-sensory behaviors.


Over 2 hours of video lessons and slides broken down into bite sized bits of information that will make you 🀯

Every video lesson is under 10 minutes long, and comes with the transcript notes if you prefer to read the information. 


If you have a question about a topic or a particular behavior, you can comment on the video and I'll respond!

Sensory Processing Disorder 101

Learn more about what sensory processing disorder is, what the 3 modulation profiles are, and some fun facts about the vestibular, proprioception, interception and tactile systems.


Case Studies

Read about 10 common behaviors in children and various underlying reasons (both sensory & non-sensory) why they may be happening. 


How You Can Support Your Child Best

More clues on decoding your child's behavior. Also learn about what support looks like for some sensory behaviors and what support looks like for some non-sensory related behaviors.


When & How to Seek OT

Not all behaviors are a concern or need to be addressed by OT, but some do. Learn when it's time to seek OT services, and how you can get started finding an OT. 

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But wait… there's more

You'll also get free access to a 1 hour workshop that details my signature process of thinking through and managing meltdowns.
I use this framework in my private 1:1 parent coaching services. I break it down into supportive interventions for Before meltdowns, during meltdowns, after meltdowns and between meltdowns. 

Hey! I'm Laura

I'm a pediatric Occupational Therapist and anxious mama to a neurodivergent 4 year old. I love trashy TV, strong coffee, and all things Disney.


I love educating parents on how sensory impacts behavior.


As a parent, I completely get the feelings of desperation and exhaustion when your child has a new or worsening behavior that you just have no idea how to respond to. And as a parent who's trying to follow conscious discipline methods, it can be SO hard to access my calm and compassion when I just don't get why my child is behaving a certain way.



Trust me...I'm no stranger to 45 minute meltdowns, school refusal, and aggressive behaviors. I live through them at home and support dozens of clients through these kinds of behaviors. 


My most important work, before even addressing the behavior itself, is working with parents to help target the underlying cause for the behavior.

When we take the time to zoom out to see what might be causing behaviors, it allows us to preserve our children's innocence, and allows us to have more compassion for them through these tough behaviors.

I can't diagnose your child. I also can't tell you for sure exactly why your child is behaving the way they are.

But what I CAN do is teach YOU how to look for the clues and find patterns to start to figure it out and lead you in the right direction. 

"Such a great description! I was really able to understand the concept and how SPD would play out in real life."- D.

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See what these parents had to say


Ashley, Mom of 5

As a mom to a sensory sensitive twin boy, knowledge is power.

The Sensory Is Behavior Mini Course gave me such great information on several sensory related topics and helps me be more prepared when interacting with various medical providers for my son

I understand what they talk to me about in a greater light and know what questions to ask. 

Sara, Mom of 2

This course was really informative and helpful at breaking down what sensory processing disorder is.

It made a very nuanced topic very digestible and easy to understand.

I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to understand how sensory issues might be affecting behaviors with the children they are raising or working with.

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